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Jesse Williams
Born in Connecticut
21 years
Family Tree
mom 2 Waylon Kitchens Angelversaries April 2, 2010

     Forever Loved...R.I.P....Jesse

mom 2 Waylon Kitchens birthday wishes September 20, 2009
Wendy New York Memorial Service April 15, 2008


Remembering the service you had a year ago in New York.  I remember people from all over New York...Latham, Preston Hollow, East Berne, & other towns.  Jesse touched a lot of people.  You had a wonderful tribute to Jesse with his memento's, other friends memories, and the women who sang so beautifully. 


You asked to hear his voice again...and you got home movies he made.

You asked for a sign...and you got J E S in the sky.

You've been asking to hug him...and you had a dream where you could see & touch him, waking in the morning of the anniversary of his memorial service and wanting to go back to sleep to stay in that moment. 


Jesse sure loved his Ma and is doing the most amazing job showing what he can.


Love Ya Lots & Lots,





Chris,Kenny,Chet,Melissa Bridge of Memories March 20, 2008



There is a bridge of memories from here to Heaven above, That keeps you very close to us It's called the "Bridge of Love".  As time goes by without you and the days turn into years.  They hold a million memories and a thousand silent tears. 

To us you were so special, what more is there to say except we wish with all our hearts that you were here today!



Aunt Chris, Uncle Kenny

Cousins Chester & Melissa 

Gram & Grampa One Wish March 18, 2008

Dear Jesse,


If we could have one lifetime wish and a dream that could come true, We would pray to God with all our heart for yesterday and you.  You left behind our broken hearts, and happy memories, too.  But we never wanted memories, We only wanted you.  We hold you close within our heart, and there you shall remain to walk with us throughout our life until we meet again.


Sending all our Love,

Gramp & Gramma

Gramma Phone Call One Year Ago March 13, 2008

Dear Wanda,


I can't believe it is one year ago today that Jesse called me at work to let me know that him and Amaya were ready to leave my house to go to your's.  He said they will be stopping at McDonald's in Enfield and then hit the road for New York.  Amaya talked to me and said be sure no one uses her bedroom, she will be back.  Jesse said Grandpa helped him pack the car.  It was a very happy day for Jesse and Amaya.  Of course I wanted them to stay with me forever.  I really had something to look forward to on Friday's when I got out of work at noon and we would go shopping and out to eat. But I do have to say that Jesse called me at least three times because he forgot something one time or another and had to go back to the house a couple of different times.  He certainly was a very loving and caring grandson and I miss more than words can say.  I will hang onto the beautiful memories and pictures I have of him and also of Amaya.



Aunt Chris One Year Ago March 13, 2008


As I think back as what I was doing one year ago today it make me smile.  I remember you called me on your cell phone to meet you at Grandma and Grandpa's, you and Amaya were leaving to go to New York to live with your Mom & Dan.  If I wanted to say good-bye to Amaya and you I should come right over.  You were so excited and I was so happy for you.  When I got there Amaya said Daddy is bringing me to McDonald's and then we are going to Gramms's and Grampa Dan;s.  She held your hand so tight.  She was just as excited as you were.  The two of you together looked so happy.  It brings me great sadness to think it was the last time I saw the two of you together, you and Amaya.  My heart is broken Jesse.  You are always on my mind and forever in my heart.  I LOVE YOU, I MISS YOU SO!



Aunt Chris


Aunt Nancy Gelineau Wanda and Family March 13, 2008
Wanda and Family,  Our thoughts are with you and the family every day that passes. Jesses was sure a handsome boy and will never be forgotten in are family. It is very hard for you everyday but alway rember all the memories he left you with, and and your family. We will all be with him and have a big gathering, sing, dance and party. I keep telling my family to save me a place in a better life with God and to put in a good word for me. God eases all are pain and suffering in this life and know with the load get to heavey for us after our test to walk miles in his shoes. God Bless, Jesses and You and Family Love Always and Forever, Aunt Nancy
Wendy Jesse's aunt/Wanda's twin March 10, 2008


Words alone cannot express what is in my heart.


I've heard there is no greater feeling than to Love and to be Loved in return.  This is  true you can't plan for it, you can't buy it, you can't manufacture it.  Love just happens its a magical mystery. 


The bond of the Love you and your son Jesse Lee shared goes Mom could Love and understand their son as well as you have & no son could Love his Mom more than Jesse.


May you find strength in the Love your family & friends have for you Wanda.


May you find peace in every happy memory of your beautiful son.


(I hope you don't mind I wrote beautiful.  He was an extemely handsome man on the outside but on the inside he was beautiful.)


Love Ya Lots & Lots,


Steve & Rachel Bidwell Jessie February 21, 2008

Dear Wanda and family,


God bless you all...  As you know, we have a son Jessie’s age. Ever since God took Jessie home last April, Rachel and I count our blessing even that much more for what we have, and, how easy and quickly it can be taken away from us.


This website is fantastic. What a wonderful way to remember and share some of the priceless moments and events that you were able to share with Jessie before God took him home!!!


Our heart goes out to you for what you lost. But always remember, the Good Lord took home a (his) child that is, and will always be beside him, at all times.


Always keep in mind that we are nearby, and a shoulder to lean on, if you ever one!!!



Steve, Rachel, Jason and Steven Jr. Bidwell J

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