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Jesse Williams
Born in Connecticut
21 years
Family Tree
Life story
September 22, 1985
Born in Vernon, CT on September 22, 1985.
August 1, 1990

Early Pets and the Farm


Jesse learned to standup by pulling himself up using Cimmeron’s fur.  Cimmeron was a three year old Siberian Husky.  That dog just loved Jesse.  Jesse picked out two cats (ok it should have been only one but he was very persuasive at a year old) one was a Siamese and one was a mutt.  He just loved to carry them around and put them in things like boxes, carts and toy boxes.  One day the mutt stole Jesse's banana and Jesse became upset.  He marched over to the cat bowl and emptied it into the trash (getting even)!! 


Jesse spent many hours with Aunt Chris, Uncle Kenny, Chet and Melissa at the barn with all kinds of animals.  We have pictures of him ridding a Cow!  There were always kittens, dogs, cows, chickens, sheep and goats to keep Jesse entertained.


January 1, 2007

Jesse was a very spirited young man who experience many things that most of us never will.  He lived in Connecticut at the beginning of his life surrounded by his Mom’s family.  Jesse was a cuddly little boy.  He always had very intense emotions that were plain to see.  Jesse lived in Maine for four years.  He and his mom made many trips to Salisbury Beach in Mass. to spend time with his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  Jesse loved the beach.  He would chase seagulls build in the sand and ride the waves.  Jesse then moved on to upstate NY.  Jesse loved baseball, animals and games. . He was a MVP in baseball and gave it his all.   He would visit the elderly and neighbors some who were so mean that no one else would take the time but at 8 or 9 Jesse knew that these people need someone to care about them. Jesse and I shared a love of roller coasters and when we had the opportunity we would race each other to the next one.   Jesse loved to fish.  He would cast his line into the ocean, stream, pond, or lake.  Jesse's most relaxing times were spent at the edge of water.  Jesse seemed to know that his life was going to be short . . . his beautiful daughter was born when Jesse was 18 years old.  Here was a kid who couldn’t stand the sight of blood but he was there to help bring his daughter in to this world.  He even cut the umbilical cord.  I remember the look of amazement on his face when he held her that day.  Amaya Lee was Jesse’s treasure here on earth.  He loved her dearly and she just cherished her Daddy.  Jesse worked as a builder, roofer and at Dan’s restaurant Jersey’s.  He was loved by the patrons and certainly knew how to flirt with the ladies.  There are many homes new and old that I drive by today and know that Jesse’s hands helped to build them.  He left here too soon but he left behind a legacy that will never be forgotten by those that truly love him. 

April 3, 2007

A Tribute to Jesse Lee


Jesse and I spend a lot of time driving together and listening to music.  There is one song that we use to scream at the top of lungs because neither one of us can sing.  “At this point in my life” by Tracey Chapman describes who both of us are.


I will sing this song forever to Jesse and remember the man with a heart that was so big and his fear of rejection was just as large.


Jesse won his valiant fight for peace and freedom during his sleep in the early morning hours on Tuesday April 3, 2007.


My baby was brought home in 1985 during hurricane Gloria to 135 Jobs Hill Road.  Twenty-one short years later my big guy departed 135 Jobs Hill Road heaven bound.


NO boarders no boundaries just the way he loved to live, but it just didn’t work so well here on earth.


Jesse loved his family and found shelter from a very difficult life with all of them.  We all returned to 135 Jobs Hill for shelter in each other.  You will find unconditional uncensored, deep caring and loving people there.


Jesse always told me “Mom all I want is my family”.  His family was always there for him.  His beautiful daughter completed his world three years ago when she was born.  He left behind a little part of himself who we should never take for granted.  Amaya Lee your Daddy loves and is so proud of you.  Forever he will watch over you.


Jesse walked at 9 months but couldn’t take 12 steps.


He lived in two states at once and not always completely legal.


Living on the edge that was Jesses best high.  His IQ was higher than 95% of the population.  His favorite colors were green and silver preferably 50’s and dollars.  Jesse drove at 14 but got his licenses at 19 your figure it out.  Jesse needed to spend a 100 if he had 20 and drive 105 if it was posted 65 (I paid that ticket)  He lived as fast as he could.  He truly pushed every limit.  He had an incredible spirit and loved to laugh.


He lived to beat the odds, beat video games, win at cards and try his luck at games of chance.


I hope this doesn’t offend anyone but a key chain Jesse had said his state bird was . . . . The middle finger. 

His favorite food at Jersey’s was a chicken finger wrap with honey mustard on white, he loved chili, Newport 100’s, coor’s light, nachos and cheese.


His real favorite colors were black and brown.


The bond Jesse and I shared went way beyond a mother and child.  He told me everything and sometimes it was way too much information for me.  Yet he wouldn’t lie to me and he knew no matter what the fierce love his mother carried for him would always continue.  I never gave up on my son and he knew until his dying day that his Mom believed in him.



His 21st birthday Dan and I celebrated his day with him.  He wanted to go to Foxwoods and have us with him.  We had a great time and I will never forget the laughs we had that night.  We stopped to get fuel that night and Dan ran in to get some snacks for the trip.  Jesse, Wendy and I were in the truck and were watching Dan.  Dan was doing some weird walk and run and all of us were laughing so hard.  Jesse said man that is why I love that guy.  He will never grow up and neither will I.


To Jesse’s family and friends I do hope that you find comfort in knowing that Jesse’s last year here on earth held many good things.  He returned to Connecticut and spent many hours with his Grandparents that he made his home with.  Jesse was able to spend time with his aunts, uncles and cousins.


He was a very caring young man worried about everyone.  I would get phone calls in the middle of the night from him if someone had a cold.  I guess Jesse thought I could fix everything.  To hear him on the other end of the phone calling me ma, mom, mamma, or cheaka the intensity of his emotions were incredible.  I immediately knew if the call was good bad of just a hello.  Jesse and I never parted company without I love you and those are the last words I spoke to my son and he spoke to me.


The last three weeks of Jesse’s life he worked at Jersey’s.  He sure hated 7:00 a.m. Jesse was not a morning person.  He started working on log cabins also and was so proud that he was getting back into his trade of choice.  Jesse had his daughter fulltime the last three months of his life.  That was such a gift to him.  He loved Amaya and she adored her father.  The song Critical was what both of them would scream and move their bodies to quite a sight.  She would be in her car seat yelling Daddy turn this up.


If Jesse were here to tell you about the people he loved he would say . . . . . .


Grandma you were the woman I wanted to marry.  You worked fulltime, cooked wonderful food, ironed everything and knew in your heart that I never did anything wrong.


Grandpa you were the man who tried to carry me as a child and an adult to safety. You were there to pull me up and hold me tight and love me anyhow.


My Aunts and Uncles what a mix of them I had.


You gave me support and laughs Aunt Wendy,

A stern but very caring dancing buddy Aunt Maryann

Aunt Chris you gave me all of the love and kindness that a mom gives her child you too did not see any wrong I might have done.

My personal mechanic uncle Gary you gave me love in your quiet way

Uncle Ron you showed me a man who loved his children and did whatever it took to help them and you gave me hope.

Uncle Kenny you gave me it all love, stern words, animals, hugs, a rough and tumble cowboy, farmer tough guy . . . .my first real Dad.


Dan you gave me a man who accepted me at my worst you never saw the sweet little guy everyone else had you were my Chosen Dad.  I introduced you that way to everyone I met.  I knew the day I hit your Harley with the tractor that you must really love me because you came to make sure I was all right before you even considered your Harley.  You gave me shelter, great food, a steady man, a guy who would laugh at my antics and listen to every small detail of how to rough frame a house.  You believed in me and knew one day I would be a super star.


My cousins you too are such a unique mix each of you had such a special place in my heart.  Forever I will watch over each of you.  I am there in spirit.  You showed me your worlds and each was such a unique experience it broadened my horizons.


Maureen and Eric you shared your wonderful babies with Amaya and I.  You also introduced me to good guys of rap music.  A night I will always remember.


Miranda and Jared you gave me pictures to carry the memories, laughs to carry me through and Miranda I did belong to you for a short time.


Ronald who would have believed that at Fridays the girls dance on the bar!!!!!  You always had my back . . . . now I will have yours.


Josh we almost shared a birthday, we both shared the need for all of the attention in the family.  You are right every time we got along you ended up hurt.  A baseball in the mouth, a moped gone crazy and more stitches for Josh.  I am glad for all of the times we shared.


Chet you were my brother and I love you.  You shared four wheelers, golf carts, bicycles and dirt bikes with me.  We both shared a no nonsense attitude.  I will be with you always. 


Melissa you shared laughs your smart ass ways made you beautiful.  You are the toughest girl I know besides my Mom and I love you for it.  You will always be the most beautiful girl in the world to me (Phil take good care of my little lady).


Keith there isn’t a game out there that we couldn’t beat together.  My little fishing buddy too.  You are the quiet funny guy.


Amaya Lee you gave me hope and dreams.  You loved me you made me laugh and you will continue the legacy of love I had.  Don’t give up on those who struggle love them anyhow Amaya they are a blessing.


Jesse always said he aint through with me yet or I am a work in progress.  Jesse is complete now and a fine example that God loves all of us.


Jesse loved to fish and he spent many quiet hours fishing wherever he could ponds, streams, lakes and the ocean.  He found it very relaxing in a world that was so hard.


Jesse had grand dreams of the home he would build for Dan, me and himself on our mountain; He loved being there on the mountain.  He never spoke of building himself a home I guess he knew he would live with us forever on this mountain.


My baby, my son, my first, my last, my only . . . . . Jesse you are home on the mountain.  Thank you for all of the memories.  Thank you for all of the signs that you have arrived in the land where all is good and all is well.


Jesse touched live from Connecticut to Maine and New York.  He lived in Ellington, Vernon, Bangor, Glenburn, Preston Hollow, Latham, Ravena, Bethlehem, East Berne and Enfield and places in between.  Many knew a very caring child young man or man.  He will live on forever in all of our memories and hearts.


Heavenly Father, I know that Jesse has arrived in your house and I pray that you hold onto him, he is a quick one so hang on tight.  I pray that you comfort all of us that are left here on earth to carry on.  Use us all as your interments to bring good to a world that can be full of pain, anger and hate.  Help us to feel and spread more love, peace and caring in the places we go and to the people we meet in Jesse’s memory.  I give him back to you no matter how much I want to hold on I know I must release him into your hands.  God I know that your son died for us and Jesse knew this since he was a very little boy.  I ask that you bring peace to all of us

March 2008



My Angel

My little angel boy loved to fish.

When he was just a baby I would put him in a back pack and fish with him.

As he grewup it was the most relaxing thing Jesse could do.

This picture reminds me of My Angel Boy right down to the overalls.


Oh my Angel way up high I hope the streams are full of fish for you.





April 3, 2008

MySpace and Orkut Angel Glitter Graphic - 2


One Year Ago Today Jesse earned his wings.  Many of those who loved Jesse will spend the day remembering the treasure we had to release back to his maker.


Jesse was on loan and none of us knew it would be for such a short time.

I believe if Jesse was here and most of the time I know he is in spirit, he would tell us to laugh, and treat each other with love and respect.  Today if you loved Jesse I want you to reach out and do something to make this hard and difficult world a better place.  Over the next year I would like people to share what they have done in Jesse's memory.  It doesn't have to be grand it does need to come from the heart.

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