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Jesse Williams
Born in Connecticut
21 years
Family Tree
I have no regrets I lived I loved and yes I lost but I have no regrets. Jesses Momma

This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Son, Dad, Grandson, Nephew, Cousin, and Friend 

Jesse Lee Williams

who was born in Vernon, Connecticut

on September 22, 1985

and passed away on April 3, 2007

Jesse Lee

I am the reflection in the water

Feel me in the blowing wind

See me in the glistening snow

Hear me in the flowing stream


In the rays of the sun and the clouds in the sky I live,

But mostly within the beat of your heart and

the laughter you share . . . believe I live on I am still there.


by Wanda for her Son Jesse 2007 



You will live forever in our memories and hearts. 


Jesse was taken away from us all too soon.  So much more to live for so much more to explore.  Yet we had to let him go.  Never shall a day pass that does not hold a memory, a laugh, a tear and always love.




May you rest high on the Mountain with a peaceful beauty surrounding you.



Each morning lift your eyes to the heaven and wish him good morning

Each night lift your eyes to the stars and wish him good night.



Quick Gallery
Jesse and Amaya March 07 (last picture taken of Jesse Jesse & his baby girl Jesse & Amaya Jesse's beautiful Jesse Lee first birthday 1 Go Yankee's Our Family Builder Jesse's beautiful Seventeen Building Farm BOY! Little girl with Dad Jesse and Mom Jesse Niagara Falls